I keep telling my friends that I'm fine,

but in fact I'm feeling

Let's work together on getting you through this.

What is I'm Fine?

I’m Fine is a mobile app that enables you to learn more about your condition, offers solutions personalized for your problems and connects you to the appropriate specialist when you feel ready to take that step. We use a chatbot, Big Data and AI to achieve these and help you get over tough times in your life.

Why does the world need I'm Fine?

While our society has constantly evolved and found new cures for the deadliest of diseases, depression rates have actually gone up, instead of down. World Health Organization estimates that over 350 million people live with depression and more than 50% never receive professional help.

Unfortunately, the current trends spell growth for anxiety and all other major mental disorders. Left untreated, they lead to a dire situation, every minute 2 people commit suicide worldwide. We aim to offer longer, healthier lives to our users and curb these trends.

How does I'm Fine help you?

We worked with both professionals and people suffering from mental illnesses to create the best help for you. The functionalities we came up with are:

  • Psychological tests and result interpretation
  • Personalized recommendations. They will be based on test results, moods tracked and the other interactions with the app.
  • Tools to enhance offline therapy results
  • Information about therapists (rating, reviews, description, contact details, location, prices)
  • Chatbot that simplifies the User experience
  • Mood tracking
  • Progress tracking

When will I'm Fine be ready to be downloaded?

I'm Fine has been born in June 2018. To get it ready for you, we still have work to do mostly on the development and content sides. The early signs are good enough, we have won prizes at Social Impact Award and Future Makers, 2 competitions for entrepreneurs who create impact.

We'll start a trial at the same time with the BETA testing phase, in order to measure the help you get from I'm Fine, before we launch it to the main market, if you want to be a part of it, you can subscribe here. We hope you're just as excited for this as we are and soon enough, you will be able to say that you're fine and actually mean it.

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