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Digital solutions for psychotherapy

Are you going through a rough patch and you need a recommendation for an online psychologist? I'm Fine is the digital solution your are looking for. It improves the results from psychotherapy and offers you the necessary tools to better understand your emotions.

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What is I'm Fine

I'm Fine is the digital system you need. It is a mobile app which provides the necessary psychological support connected with a web platform with over 430 psychotherapists from more than 60 cities where surely you can find the right online psychologist. The app also offers provides resources and instruments to help you better understand your emotions, personalized recommendations about your state of mind and connects you with verified psychotherapists that can help you. The platform for therapists offers the possibility to follow the progress of clients, give them assignments and improve therapy results. Moreover, specialists can promote themselves to be found by new clients that are in search of an only psychologist.


Use the solutions created especially for you and find a psychologist.


Find out what you can do to better help your clients.


I'm Fine is an app developed recently to help with mental health and anxiety. After a week of using it, I can say it is useful because the functions help you understand the psychological state you are in. The AI is intuitive and offers you productive advice each time. The journal is personal and the tests are easy to use I recommend this app.

Robert I. - I'm Fine user

I recommend the I'm Fine app. I've been using it for some time, since the founders showed it to me and it seems very useful. I like the parts about the mood tracking and the journal. When you start the session, you already know how the client felt, what they went through and you start working directly. (if they connect with you and they give you the permission to see what they did).

Mădălina Simion - I'm Fine Psychologist

I'm Fine is a mental health app which augments the therapy sessions. The psychology studies show that progress in therapy depends in an important degree on the effort put in between the sessions by the clients. The fact that they have Helpy to guide them and apply the things they learn with the therapist is an extra help for the clients to learn new behaviors and thinking patterns.

Victor Bohuș - I'm Fine Psychologist