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How does I'm Fine help psychotherapists?

Our solutions are designed to help you get better results for your clients and get better visibility for your services. An I'm Fine psychotherapist has the following benefits:

Monitor the state of mind of your clients

As a psychotherapist, you can find it diffcult to get answers from your clients to the question "How did you feel since we last spoke?". Without the appropriate data, they can forget or filter their mood, finally reaching a point where they can't tell you what happened. It takes 15-30 seconds for your clients to input their mood in I'm Fine and with their approval, you get access to it and advanced analytics.

Give assignments

Usually, assignments that are handed out orally, on paper or email will not be completed. Moreover, even when they are fulfilled, visualizing the results is not an easy tasks. By using I'm Fine, you can choose between 8 types of exercises, clients receive reminders to finish them and you can see the results in real time.

Manage bookings

You never have to be taken by surprise when it's time for a therapy session. The I'm Fine calendar is synchronized with the Google Calendar and notifies both you and your clients about sessions, so that none of you forgets when you meet up.

Support for online sessions

If you choose to do your therapy sessions online, you can use platforms such as Google Meet or Zoom and I'm Fine will automatically generate your meetings with clients. You get all of the benefits of a recognized video provider platform directly in I'm Fine.

Use psychometric tests

Our tests work in areas such as depression, anxiety, stress and many others. Be always ready as a psychotherapist, keep the pace with the clients' progress and understand more about them with the help of I'm Fine!

Use the Cognitive Behavioral Journal

Users have the possibility to keep a CBT journal directly in I'm Fine. With their permission, you'll be able to view all the entries and help them improve their mental wellbeing. Soon, we will add new journal types to help clients to cognitive reframing, day planning and many more. Also you as a psychotherapist will be able to create your own types of forms to distribute to your clients.

Promote your services through the I'm Fine Therapist Network

Through our easy to use website for those in the search for better mental health. Your profile being shown here means visibility for those in search of help and a recommendation for a psychotherapist.

Promote your services in the I'm Fine mobile app

The I'm Fine mobile app is a good first step to get help. As soon as users understand more about therapy, how the app help, what types of therapists would be a good fit for them, they will be able to find you and send a connection request.

Online payments and invoicing (soon)

This optional module will eliminate the time lost by psychotherapists managing payments and invoicing. The clients will have the option to pay directly through the app, the invoices will be automatically generated and you will be able to create financial reports ready to be sent to your accountant. This way, you'll be able to focus on the aspects of your job that matter most.

Anca Dobrean

I consider the initiative of the I'm Fine founders to be important because with these applications they plan to offer access to interventions in environments where there are no specialists, to optimize the communication between mental health professionals and clients and to reduce stygma associated with seeking psychological treatment. Assuming a perspective of adapting scientifically validated intervention protocols such as cognitive behavioral pscyhoterapies, along with the exponential growth of access to internet, it has the potential to reshape the landspace of psycho(therapeutic) interventions for mental health problems.

Anca Dobrean

Associate prof. Anca Dobrean, PhD
University Babeș-Bolyai in Cluj-Napoca


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