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The I'm Fine network has 410 licensed therapists from 60 cities. We verify and select the most prepared therapists to make sure you can be matched with the best one. Discover our platform and start your journey towards improving your mental health.

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How does I’m Fine help you?

More than 500 million people in the world live with mental health disorders such as anxiety or depression. That is why we have created the I'm Fine mobile app. It helps you understand more about your emotions, offers personalized solutions for your problems and connects you to the best psychotherapist when you feel ready to take that step.

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The app provides therapy tools that can help you in improving your mental health. Download the app right now from the Google Play Store or the Apple Store and you get access to:

Chatbot trained in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

The unique content has been created by professionals with experience in psychotherapy. Helpy, our chatbot, covers topics such as depression, anxiety, stress, relationships, personal decelopment and many other. It can be of real help when you are feeling all alone.

Monitoring your mental state

Take 15-30 seconds of your day to input your feelings in the app. In time, this will help you observe changes in your mood. You can see what worked in the past and get a better understanding of your feelings.

Your own journal

It is one of the most important resources in the Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. We have created different types of journals that will help you with planning and reframing your emotions in order for you to create a clearer and more positive outlook of your life.

Psychometric Tests

In the I'm Fine app, you can find psychometric tests on subjects such as anxiety or depression. They help you understand more about yourself and what you feel. If you choose to work with a psychotherapist, the test results can offer them relevant information.

Guided Meditations

We recommend guided meditation for the moments in which you feel stressed or in need of a break. They are created by the I'm Fine psychologists and help you reach a positive mental state.

Educational articles

If you are passionate about psychology and want to discover more about yourself and your emotions, read the educational articles written by experienced psychotherapists from the I'm Fine network.

Guidance and progress tracking

Therapy progress depends in big part on your participation in the therapy sessions. By using our app, you can decide to share your activity with the I'm Fine psychologist you have chosen. They can give you assignments, follow your progress and guide to reach your objectives.

Your personal data is safe

Data protection is a priority for us. Only you have access to your personal data and control over it. We use powerful encryption algorithms to guarantee the security of I'm Fine. You decide if you share your app activity with a psychotherapist and for the studies that improve I'm Fine we use only anonymized data.