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The idea for I'm Fine came after a rough patch for one of the co-founders of the project. Daniel fought depression alone and after searching online for existing solutions, he encountered a couple of problems. He met with Marian and Cristi, former university colleagues and good friends and started talking about developing a solution that makes professional help more accessible in order to lead to better mental health. In the beginning, I'm Fine meant just the mobile app built on the premise of being free to use for anyone that needs help. multi-language content and a variety of tools that you could choose from. If your battling depression, anxiety or other disorders, the app can help a lot, but it does not replace the conventional therapy process and it's results. We decided that if we want to offer the best support for users, it's necessary to also help them choose the best psychotherapist and improve on the conventional therapy process. That is why we have also developed the web platform for psychotherapists that connects with the mobile app for people that need support. They combine in a system that can address numerous psychological disorders (depression, anxiety, stress and more), from minor to severe and provides long term assistance if you are in the search for better mental wellbeing.

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