Mental health for your employees

The care for your employees does not end with the medical insurance or a subscription to the gym. I’m Fine can help you with company-wide workshops or therapy sessions packages that can help your employees be happier and healthier.

Your employees deserve more

With I’m Fine's help, you can find the best psychotherapy specialists to help your employees. We have the following services to help them be more balanced, reduce stress and be happy at work:


Our verified psychotherapy specialists are able to cover topics such as burnout, work from home fatigue, anxiety, depression and many more.

Psychotherapy sessions

It has become easier to include mental health in the benefit pack for your employees. The I'm Fine network has more than 200 verified psychologists and psychotherapists that your employees can choose from.

Custom programs

Every company has different needs. They can vary because of sector, employee number, departments and so on. Let's talk about the needs of your company!

Mobile application

All of the effort that your employees put into therapy is backed up by the I'm Fine mobile app. They can get better long term results with it's help and it does not cost you extra.