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Thoughts and worries often create an inner struggle that can become exhausting and affect our decisions, relationships and health. This happened to me too. Several years ago I decided to see a therapist. They helped me clear my mind and get my life in order. That's how the desire to help was born in me. At the age of 40, I decided to study psychology, and today I hold a bachelor's degree and a master's degree in the field. In addition, I continue to grow as a therapist through both individual study and professional training programs. I can't promise you that in our sessions we will solve all your problems. My role will be to help us both understand your situation as well as possible. We will explore questions like: What is missing in your life? Or what is too much? What would you like to be different? Different, how? What feelings or circumstances make you feel stuck? We will look for answers to these and many other questions together. People belonging to the Disability, LGBT+ and ENM communities are more than welcome. If my fee is a barrier for you, let me know. We can work out a fair amount together based on your income. The first two sessions with me are free because it’s fair for you to get a sense of whether I can be beneficial to you before you pay anything.

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Counseling psychology

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Primary objectives
Anxiety and panic attacks
Low self-esteem, devaluation
Secondary objectives
Loss of a loved one, divorce, separation, mourning
Stress management
Lack of social life




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03 Feb 2023

Meg Smith

Monica is dedicated, and she has a great depth of knowledge in the field. She individualizes her approach and recommendations to what you need. She is insightful and wise, knowing what will help.  I appreciate her punctuality and focus during the sessions. She has all of her attention of helping you, and proactively prevents any distractions.  Monica is an excellent listener, and her suggestions have greatly improved how I am feeling. She is good at helping you come up with strategies that feel doable to implement. She is kind and caring, and she has helped me more than any other therapist. Since working with her, I feel more in balance, and more capable at handing difficult situations. She has a way of letting you feel empowered and strong. I highly recommend Monica to everyone. 

20 Feb 2023


I’m in the USA. Even with a country and language barrier, Monica has become a friend. My issue is circumstances make it very difficult for me to make new friends and I need new friends, eventually a new partner. Monica listened to me work through my obstacles to making new friends, now we talk more about verbal engagements with friends. While I haven’t made any new friends yet (beyond her) I believe it’s at least possible now. It didn’t seem possible when I started. Friends are really important.

09 Feb 2023


Discuțiile cu Monica m-au ajutat mult. Îmi place mult că datorită terapiei cu ea, evoluez, mă cunosc mai bine și găsesc claritatea, pe care, in situații, fiind implicat, nu o vad de fiecare data. E un om super fain, cu răbdare, un ascultător plăcut și atent, lucru important pentru mine. Mă bucur că există și pot să recomand un terapeut ca ea. Recomand!


20 Feb 2023


My previous overwhelming fears, depression and anxiety are finally taking a calmer backseat as I drive my life forward. When I first started working with Monica 20 sessions ago, I was lost in a complex tangle of relationship issues, compounded with life traumas, and long-learned bad habits battering my own self esteem that I couldn’t begin to wrap my mind around. As our sessions went on, I found myself gaining unexpected clarity, respect and compassion for myself and others (even those who I’ve though of as enemies). I’m becoming friends with my fear, my anxiety, my depression, and even my need to control at times. My relationships are making healthy strides forward and so am I. While I’m nowhere near perfect and my internal struggles accompany me on my bumpy journey, I have the tools to maintain and operate my life in better harmony. I’m deeply grateful to Monica for facilitating a safe space to unravel, unfold, break down, and come to some very real realizations. My experience with Monica has been life changing. I’m growing, healing, and ready for life to bring whatever it’s bringing. Lows, highs, whatever, I can do this!


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