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Who am I? This is apparently an easy question, but with a complex and open answer as I discover new nuances about myself as time goes by, nuances which define me, as well as nuances which do not represent me any longer and which should be deposited in the box labelled as “past”. I am a bit idealist and I choose to believe that the world can become a better place to live in, therefore I have decided to contribute a bit more as before to this goal. I have a second degree in Psychology, I am passionate about personal development field and I am also in training for Integrative Psychotherapy. I am an empath, I have always connected to other people’s emotions and I have tried to offer them my support, within the limits of my own personal resources and their own limits. Now I want to transform my passion into a lifestyle, therefore I take a step further in this direction and I have decided to offer online individual counselling sessions in personal development area. Probably that one of the questions which might pop up once you are reading my blog is “Why would someone need to talk to a Psychologist or a consultant in personal development?”. I don’t know about the others, but I wish to accompany the person who chooses to “work” at her personal development together with me in her journey called “life”. I am willing to listen to her life story, to understand the experiences she has gone through, to offer an “outside the box” perspective, which often brings clarity, and to identify together her own resources which could be used in order to face any challenge which might appear. It is a journey of getting to know yourself, a journey of rediscovery and discovery of new parts of yourself, a journey which once started will change you and will bring you closer to yourself. And last, but not least, it is a journey which can go on for as long as you wish to go on it… The journey back to yourself can be completed alone or together with someone, depending on each person’s needs and own inner resources. Talking from the experience of a person who has tried both ways, I can honestly say that I have truly seen changes in myself only after I let myself “seen” by other people, as empathic and supporting as I am, who are “walking” also on a journey similar with mine and who shared from their life experience and offered me help, inspiration and guidance, as well as different perspectives in my moments of uncertainty, during the individual or group sessions for personal development that I have attended. Therefore, if what I have written so far resonates with you and if you feel like you want to be accompanied also by me on your journey of personal development, on which most likely you are already, considering that you have reached my page, I invite you to contact me by a private message in order to set up together the details for our counselling sessions.

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